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women empowerment

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The womenempowerment  site is a great oppourtunity for women to help women, keep members informed, and attract a broader audience. We'll use this site to get the word out on our organization and create a better sense of community among our members. We'll also include pictures of our work and members.

Our Mission

To be self-reliant, women need to be economically viable.The goal of this mission is to create work opportunities for women and make easily accessible the guidence required to make these opportunities a reality.

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Organization News

Mrs.Jha at Bhagalpur- UP ,has after loosing her life partner, established a HERO HONDA dealership and made herself economically and socially viable.

Becoming a Member

To become a member of missionvijay2 women empowerment e-mail your cv if you need to become economically viable or if you have the capacity to offer job oppourtunities to women place your opportunities on our site.Do visit us at  our website

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Phone: 9910015900